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Cold Weather is No Excuse to Stop Exercising

No matter the season, Dea Jacobson is on a mission to keep the minds and bodies of her Surface Creek neighbors fit and limber. She teaches a variety of yoga, meditation and fitness classes for all genders and she’s particularly proud of her men’s yoga group. On a given Tuesday morning as many as a dozen men of a certain age assemble in her cozy studio to stretch and laugh and — occasionally — groan as she puts them through their paces.

Jacobson was already teaching all-female and mixed-gender classes when the idea for an all-male group came about three years ago. The impetus was a discussion she had with two recent stroke survivors: Lynn Grotrian and Ardon Barnes. Both wanted a yoga option for older men to assist them with flexibility, exercise and balance.

Jacobson set a day and established a modest charge per class and men began showing up. A half dozen came at first and then more joined as news of the class spread by word of mouth. Soon the group had doubled in size and now the place is packed every Tuesday morning for an hour of stretching and low-impact exercises.

“This isn’t traditional yoga,” Jacobson explained. “But I still emphasize movement and balance along with strengthening exercises and controlled breathing.”

The Tuesday morning class has reached its maximum size, but Jacobson may start a second class if there is sufficient interest. Interested individuals can call her at 970-210-8587.

Jacobson has studied yoga for more than 30 years. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is registered at the highest level in the Yoga Alliance Registry. She has been teaching classes, workshops and private sessions in Western Colorado since 1995.

She teaches in two venues: Freedom Fitness, 290 N. Grand Mesa Drive (Hwy 65) in Cedaredge, and the Bill Heddles Recreation Center at Confluence Park in Delta. Her curriculum includes several levels of yoga and meditation.

For more information, visit her website: or her Facebook page under Blue Heron Yoga and Fitness.

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