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Individual Yoga Therapy

Many people come to yoga looking for relief for physical issues they are facing.  Some are under care of medical professionals with a specific diagnosis while others are looking for help with long term challenges or recent injuries.  In these cases, private instruction is suggested before joining a group class or to develop a home practice that will compliment other modalities.  Yoga, in these cases is considered as "Complimentary Alternative Medicine"

Since its conception, Yoga has been taught one-on-one in private settings where  individual needs can be addressed. Without the distraction of others,  individually-paced breathing, movement and relaxation sessions allow one to progress effectively at one's own pace.  Physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual issues can be explored as they arise so that you may experience deep healing at many levels.


Yoga is recommended by many doctors and health-care professionals.

In addition, Blue Heron Yoga is an authorized Workers Compensation provider.  

Dea is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT, International Association of Yoga Therapy)

Click here to read Dea's article about Yoga therapy and Insurance coverage.

Fee for private lessons is $65 for 90 minute session. 

Three or more session series, $50 per lesson. 

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