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Dr. Karen Ksiazek
Dr. Ellen Price

"Dea has a broad range of Yoga expertise, particularly as it applies to medical conditions.” Paul Mascovich, M.D.

“A very enjoyable and personally rewarding ‘time out.’” Linda Ramage Rocky Mountain HMO

“Dea kept me on my spiritual path and although kind and compassionate, refused to let me wallow in sadness or self pity.” Martha Barrett Scott

“Following my accident, I was seriously disabled. Dea helped me gain back my confidence in my physical abilities and has literally helped me every step of the way.” Tom Martinez

“Dea has won the trust and friendship of the residents...I would highly recommend Dea in working with the elderly and disabled.” Carolyn Gerhard Grand Villa Living Centers

Here's a letter Dea received recently from one of her students:

"My name is Deb Garcia and I had been a student of yours in the past, at Crossroads Fitness. I am writing to thank you for what you do. 

I had taken the classes for about 3 years (about ten years ago) and have found that Yoga has greatly helped me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have not been good about keeping up with yoga over the years, having dabbled here and there when I can but I can say it always stays with me. Your gentle, patient, and clear teachings come through to me when my body says "time out" or stressors direct me to take time to look within. Also, I do tell my friends about the benefits and they usually give it a try. I moved out of state three years ago and have recently got back into the practice but as always, I find there is no teacher as good as you ! You are a tough act to follow, as the saying goes. 

You always seemed to know (or asked) where I needed to concentrate on within my physical body. Years after my training under you, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and now gastroparesis. When I practiced yoga I felt better, not knowing what hid underneath. Medical Science has not found a cure for those illnesses, and if/when they do I suspect the man-made remedies come with a side effect. With Yoga there are only benefits ! For all you have brought to me, I present a sincere thank you, and Namaste!

The light within me honors the light within you."

Deb Garcia

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